How much should you feed?



Ideally you should feed 2-3% of your dog or cat’s adult bodyweight.

We recommend you split this in to 2 separate meals per day.

Please note you may need to adjust the amount of raw you are feeding according to your pet’s activity levels.

Puppies and Kittens

Up to 4 months                  5-8% of their bodyweight split into four meals per day

4 to 6 months                     5-8% of their bodyweight split into three meals per day

6 – 12 months                    5-8% of their bodyweight split into two meals per day

As your dog or cat matures, monitor his/her weight so you can adjust the portion sizes as necessary to keep your pet lean and healthy. Remember, all individual dogs and cats have different nutritional requirements dependant on their activity levels.

When they are over one year old they should then move on to an adult feeding plan.

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