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Welcome to The Blue Dog, a family run business providing dog and cat owners with raw food, supplements and natural treats.

From a young age I was brought up with different types of animals from dogs and cats to racehorses. Having worked closely for a long time with vets and nutritionists, I am more than aware of what different types of animals need in their diet to thrive.

I have always been passionate about animal health, and have embraced feeding the way nature intended, to optimise vitality and ensure our pets are given the best chance to live a long and healthy life.

The benefits of feeding a pure and natural diet were first highlighted to me when my own dog’s poor health was transformed after only a few weeks of raw feeding. Having spent a fortune in vet’s fees and no further forward, finally her dreadful skin condition she had suffered for so long had turned the corner. It was fantastic to see a huge improvement in her general health too – her coat softened, her skin looked healthy, her stomach settled and her allergies waned.

At this point it made me realise I wanted to share my experiences to other pet parents that feeding a balanced, nutritious diet is of paramount importance. So, we established The Blue Dog to provide raw food, natural treats and supplements for your much loved pets.

The Blue Dog provides a friendly, personal delivery service to suit individual requirements, helping you to give your animals the very best nutrition. We are based in North Somerset and cover all the surrounding areas. We never compromise on quality and provide a wide range of options to suit all budgets at very competitive prices.

Many thanks

Catherine and the team at The Blue Dog

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